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Aussie Hermit Crabs
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A new addition! 
24th-Jul-2006 01:27 pm
about 3 weeks ago when my hermit crab Daffyd died my crab Iggy went into complete reclusehood. Even my usual aggitation from my cat being on the top of the aquarium didn't bother him like it used to. Today I decided to let it go and buy a new crab to be with Iggy, her name is Vicky (no it's not a coincidence that two of my crabs have Little Britain names, Iggy is my sisters, and had I been able to name him it would've come from the show too)! 

Vicky's very livley, thats why I picked her. She came in a purple shell but since I took these photos (ten minutes ago) she's already changed, twice. Vicky is obviously a compulsive shell changer!! The two are getting along very well. They came face to face and started rubbing antenas together. It didn't look agressive and as such I was quite pleased. Both are making odd chirpy noises now too! Iggy hasn't been this active since Daffyd died, he's eating, drinking, climbing again! Vicky's already seeked out both water dishes and eaten. I'm so proud. 

I've got some photos of the two I think you'll enjoy, also take a look at my set up... the substrate was expencive but made espically for hermit crabs, it's good for digging but impossible to choke on. Now if only I can get through a first moult without one of these crabs dying. 

PHOTOS: Vicky, heading to the cinema!

 vicky's exploration

My entire aquarium. Apologies for glare. Iggy is inside the cinema.

They meet!!

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