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Aussie Hermit Crabs
Livejournal Community for land hermit crab owners of Australia
Cluey Captions 
8th-Jun-2006 03:54 am

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"He better not be headed for my litterbox!" (Dragmuffn)
"If he's headed for my food dish, he's gonna BE dinner!" (Dragmuffn)
"That is one strange looking mouse! I don't have to try hard to catch it!" (cootiesami)
"Hello Herman. Long time no see. How's your shell holding up? Family o.k.?" (frog3)
"If I shut my eyes real tight I will be invisible and that dumb ol' cat won't be able to see me....HE HE HE" (rachelrmf)
" I would smack him around... but last time he wouldn't let go of my paw!" (jenniferm)
"What is that thing? I've never seen anything like that before. I wonder if it would like to play?" (after picture lol) *moves paw over to say hi* "OooooooUCH" (Ladycrab)
"Hey, dinner, the food dish is the other way." (sunsleaf)
"Who does he think he is walking anywhere near ME" (Ladycrab)
"I thought fleas were much smaller!" (crawdad)
"Learn to walk on the right side of the road" (vckums)
"And where do you think you are going?" (Pepe)
"Wonder if I sniff it, it will play dead?" "owwwwwwwwwww!" (joes)
"You're lucky, shellfish gives me gas." (locke.)
"Never had my dinner come to me" (tdomet11)
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